The Gull Lake Cemetery is located 2 km west of Gull Lake just off of Highway 1.

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Burial Plot Regulations

  • No more than 2 persons per plot allowed.

  • All headstones/monuments must be located at the head of the grave and inline with the existing row.

  • Cremated remains hole must be 12″ X 12″ x 2′ 6″ deep.

  • No Grave Covers or landscaping materials are permitted in the “new section” of the cemetery.

  • Vases/flowers must be placed ONLY on the concrete strip in the “new section”.

  • Please check with the Town Office or see the Gull Lake Cemetery Bylaw regarding regulations for markers/headstones in the “new section”.

Cemetery Rates

  • $200 per plot

  • $200 per internment

Gull Lake Cemetery

Rules and Regulations

  • The Town of Gull Lake is responsible for the maintenance and reservation of columbarium niches.

  • The Town of Gull Lake will establish and maintain all records regarding the columbarium.

  • A columbarium niche is for the internment of human cremains only. Deceased pets, valuables, flowers, mementos etc. will not be allowed in a niche.

  • Niche openings and closings can only be performed by Town of Gull Lake employees or designates. Anyone, other than a Town of Gull Lake employee or designate, who attempts to open a niche will be prosecuted under local or provincial laws. Any acts of vandalism will also be prosecuted under local or provincial laws.The Town of Gull Lake will be responsible for repairs to the columbarium.

  • The Town of Gull Lake will take all reasonable care to insure the safety of interred cremains.  However, the Town of Gull Lake will not be held responsible for the loss or destruction of interred cremains due to vandalism, acts of nature or any unforeseen circumstance.


A niche is 12” x 12” x 14”. The Town of Gull Lake will allow two (2) urns per niche. It is recommended to purchase both urns at the same time to ensure a proper fit. The urn must be of a material suitable for internment (no cardboard). Leaving the cremains in the urn sent by the crematorium is allowed as long as it meets the above requirements. Please be aware that these containers are considered temporary and the Town of Gull Lake will not be responsible for damage to or loss of any cremains that are left in temporary containers.


  • Upon payment in full, a Certificate of Reservation will be given to the person or persons (Lessee(s)) who purchased the niche.  This is their proof of payment and should be kept in a safe place that is known to family members or friends.

  • The holder of the Certificate of Reservation acquires no property rights in the columbarium or any of its niches. Legal title to the columbarium and niches remain with the Town at all times. The Certificate attests only to the right to inter cremains of the person(s) named on the Certificate in the specific niche.


To maintain the columbarium in a uniform manner, the Town of Gull Lake will arrange for the engraving of the niche cover. Only one font pattern for names and dates will be allowed on all niche covers. An engraving fee of $300 will be assessed at each time of engraving. Engraving of the niche cover is allowed before interment of the cremains. All inscriptions must be approved by the Town of Gull Lake. A temporary replacement cover will be installed by the Town of Gull Lake until the engraved cover is returned.


Interment arrangements must be made by the Lessee or the Lessee’s family. This can be done through a funeral home or by contacting the Town of Gull Lake office directly. A copy of the Certificate of Cremation must accompany the cremains. Any orders from the funeral home are considered orders from the family. Any funeral home costs are the responsibility of the Lessee or the Lessee’s family. An opening and closing fee of $120 will be assessed at the time of the opening.

Flowers and wreaths

No flower arrangements, plants, wreaths, toys or mementos will be allowed to be placed near the columbarium at any time, except at the time of interment. These will be removed five days later, or as soon as the schedule permits, by Town of Gull Lake employees, unless removed by the family before that time. No planting of flowers, bushes, trees etc. are allowed around the columbarium.

Removal of remains
  • In the event that the columbarium requires repairs in order to maintain its integrity, the Lessee agrees to permit the temporary removal of any cremains until those repairs are completed.  The cremains will be returned to the proper niche by the Town of Gull Lake.

  • If cremains must be removed from the columbarium, by the family or an authorized person, a written request must be made to the Town of Gull Lake.  This request must explain the reason for removal, who is making the request, their relationship to the deceased, the day and time requested for removal, and who will take possession of the cremains at the time of removal.  An opening and closing fee will be assessed at the time of the opening at the current rate.

  • The cost of a vacated niche will not be refunded to the Lessee or Lessee’s family.  The rights of the niche can be sold to another party, but the Town of Gull Lake must be informed of the sale so a new Certificate of Reservation can be given to the new Lessee.

  • If the vacated niche’s cover has already been engraved, the cost of replacement is not the responsibility of the Town of Gull Lake.  Replacement covers can be purchased from the Town of Gull Lake at the current rate.

Rates and fees
  • Niche cost $1500

  • Open and close fee $120

  • Engraving fee $300